Fender Reviews 2020 – Is it a Scam? Is it Worth It?

Fender Guitar Lessons
fender play review

Fender Play First Impressions

Fender Reviews is the goal of Fender Play was to make learning faster and more accessible to learners.

fender play review

That said, this program is targeted towards absolute beginners, and for those who are interested in getting a refresher.

Fender Play Impressions

Plenty of guitar instruction programs are made for beginners anyway so those with more advanced skills may not benefit as much from programs like Fender Play. Fender Reviews

Fender play Impressions 2

On the flip side, there are a lot of things that make Fender Play the more attractive solution as opposed to attending traditional guitar classes. A quick visit to their website will lead you to a page with a beautifully clean and modern design.

Fender Play offer

From there, you can already see an attractive list of lessons broken down into basics, chords, techniques, and more.

If you interested in learning more about the Fender Play program, below is a digest of their highly-acclaimed features and perks:

What’s in the Membership?

Fender Play Welcome

Simple Guided Learning Path

Learning online may provide convenience in terms of less travel time and accelerated learning speeds, but it also poses a lot of problems such as a lack of instructor-student communication and the inability to receive personal advice. Fender Reviews 2020

Fender Play Instruments

But Fender had successfully jumped over those hurdles by providing an easy-to-follow, step-by-step learning path.

Fender Play Music Paths

The flow of the lessons is appropriate for beginners, starting with super basic to lessons that will gradually help learners advance their skills.

Lessons organized neatly and categorized by type and difficulty levels.

Fender Play First Lesson

Each lesson also accompanied by a video instruction as well as a list of tools. And depending on the type of lesson, guitar tabs are also included.

Fender Play Tools and References

Lessons also broken down into bite-sized portions. Allowing learners ample time to catch up and digest the lessons.

Access To Multiple Songs from Fender Reviews 2020

From classic songs to recent popular songs, the Fender music library is rich and updated. Fender Reviews 2020

Fender Play Songs List

Beginners can choose from a wide array of songs, arranged according to instrument type and difficulty level.

Fender Play song list


Based on personal experience, it is so important for learners to enjoy the song they are playing to keep their interest and motivation going, no matter how challenging it may be.

That said, having a huge selection of songs in the Fender Play program is a definite plus.

Progress Tracker

Fender Play is a self-learning platform which means that it takes some level of dedication and motivation from the user for the program to succeed.

Fender Play Lessons Progress

For some students, tracking personal progress could be a source of motivation – a drive to help them push forward and work harder.

Fender Play Progress

With that in mind, the Fender Play program also includes a Progress Tracker for their users.

Learners can take a peek at the lessons they’ve accomplished and the songs they’ve learned. They are also free to review previous lessons any time they wish.

Bonus Perks Fender Reviews 2020

Enrollment in the Fender Play program comes with bonus perks.

Fender Play Offer 10%

Students of the Fender Play program can also get a 10% off discount on Fender gear.

Fender Play annual Plan

This could be very useful for beginners who are interested in purchasing additional accessories and gadgets from Fender.


How Much Does Fender Play Cost?

Fender Play offers a 14-day trial on their site. Interested students are granted full access to the Fender Play program. Membership to Fender Play is $9.99(Canada $12.99; UK £9.59) per month after the trial ends. They also offer an annual plan priced at $89.99(Canada $116.99; UK £85.19).



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